Sheepdog Protective Services offers customizable security services tailored to the needs of businesses and individuals throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Event Security Service
Trained Security Service
Certified Security Service
Sheepdog Emergency Response Team
Mobile Security Patrol Service

Security Services in Central PA Designed To Give You Peace of Mind

Four Levels of Protection

Sheepdog Protective Services provides four tiers of security services: event security officer services, trained security officer services, certified agent services, and S.E.R.T. agent services.

State-of-the-Art Security Technology

With Sheepdog Protective Services, you benefit from skilled security professionals using state-of-the-art security technology to protect the people and property you value most.

Additional Security Services

Sheepdog Protective Services offers additional security services to meet your needs: mobile patrol, bicycle patrol, and access to a personal safety app.


Our Sheepdog Protective Services team combines decades of security industry knowledge with the dedication to serving our Central Pennsylvania clients wherever they are and for whatever their security needs may be.

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Sheepdog was hired to run security for a live event featuring major television and Olympic stars. This company was extremely professional and the security was top notch. There were many compliments from a celebrity security professional with the tour who owns a comparable company in Vegas and LA. He told me that Sheepdog was as good or better than most companies he’s dealt with in major cities. Will definitely be hiring this company again.
James H.
I love this company! They always make sure their staff is educated on positions and makes sure they’re comfortable doing so. They also make sure to be Thorough on how we can protect everyone for the job. This company is great!
Rachel G.
I’ve done security for a while now and to be fully honest this company has a mentality that no other can match. Going above and beyond their call of duty and their sincerity and pride in what they do is what makes this company the best.
Izaak L.
Sheepdog Protective Services is absolutely a 5 star company. They are always professional, on time, and their staff is well trained. They provide nothing but the best security for all of your needs and even when situations are thrown at them, they adjust quickly and effectively to ensure everyone’s safety.
Jessica H.
Sheepdog Protective Services goes above and beyond their expectations and will always be prepared for anything. They are well trained Officers who love their jobs and are always ready to serve and protect with honor and integrity.
Chelsea R.
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We offer respect, reliability, and reassurance to fulfill all your security needs.