As diverse as the industries themselves, the security threats and unique challenges modern companies face require a strategic plan of defense. While there’s no such thing as a bulletproof plan of security, with a tailored approach to industry-specific protection, preventing avoidable loss, business disruptions, and maintaining a positive experience for your staff, clients, and guests are achieved. 

Before designing a better security plan, it’s important to consider the common risks in your industry. We’ll discuss a few of the industries that are often affected by physical crimes like theft, vandalism, and violence, and outline how a thoughtful security strategy can actively deter and minimize these risks.

1. Construction & Industrial Enterprises Are High-Value Targets

Surprisingly, construction and industrial businesses are among the most highly targeted industries. Warehouses, construction projects, and manufacturing plants don’t deal with large sums of cash and have limited interaction with the public, so you would think that minimizes the criminal risk factors, right? Well, these companies’ projects often involve unsecured, outdoor work sites, valuable bulk inventory supplies, and expensive construction or manufacturing equipment worthy of a 6-figure heist. 

By investing in professional construction yard or warehouse security in Harrisburg, PA, exposed worksite projects and essential products, equipment, and property are monitored with a multi-tiered shielding strategy. Our security professionals provide everything from around-the-clock camera monitoring, to active indoor and outdoor patrol for comprehensive criminal deterrence day and night.

2. Retail Businesses & Malls Encounter the Most Theft

From local clothing stores to big-name department stores, retail owners are well aware of the losses associated with theft and product damage. Termed “retail shrinkage”, many companies allocate upwards of 1-2% of their annual profits in anticipation of the staggering amount of theft that occurs. Retail theft is big business, and the sooner companies within the retail sector establish a better security plan, the sooner they can achieve their target goals. In reality, an appropriate security plan results in businesses being able to keep their doors open, support their employees with fair wages, and maintain competitive product pricing. 

We’re retail defense experts and specialize in orchestrating effective security plans specific to the businesses we protect. We identify the gaps in security protocols, and employ a combination of vigilance, direct theft prevention, and serve as a constant reminder that the products we protect are off-limits. 

3. Events & Festivals Require Active Protection

Among our most vital protection services, our event security in York County, PA prevents vendor theft, fraudulent entry access, and disruptive or violent attendee behavior. Managing large crowds of guests and protecting VIP performers and speakers requires an active security presence. Our disruption-prevention experts provide a network of watchful service; we provide entryway defense, and active officer patrol, and can even monitor the event’s perimeter with the finest patrol vehicle services in York County, PA.

Whatever your industry and however we can strengthen your security strategy, contact our security experts at Sheepdog Protective Services and discover a better plan of defense today.