While investment in better security is always a good idea, researching the training of the security team you choose to hire should be your top priority. By taking the time to investigate their credentials, expertise, and capabilities before bringing a security team on board, your security investment is justified and your company, event, and clients will have the proper protection they deserve. 

When the safety of your property, personnel, and guests are on the line, finding a security company that prioritizes advanced training and relevant experience is key. Our seasoned officers undergo extensive training, are professionally equipped, and demonstrate a working knowledge of proven threat prevention techniques. So, how do we achieve these exceptional standards of preparedness? 

1. Leading Security Certifications

Our officers maintain multiple certifications related to the field. We provide our team with exceptional opportunities to advance with state-approved certifications involving professional threat management, psychological de-escalation strategies, and many other courses to develop broader skillsets. Our officers attend mandatory refresher courses, are regularly tested on their knowledge of security protocols, and many of our security officers’ credentials extend into the fields of law enforcement, military training, and medical emergency certifications. 

2. Ongoing Education & Tactical Training

Another core component of our adaptable security services in Lancaster involves ongoing skill acquisition. We provide our officers with leading courses like defense training, handcuffing techniques, tactical baton use, and more. In addition to our comprehensive skills, our officers receive extensive education on our company’s security philosophy and safety protocols. We ensure each guard is prepared with a range of security situations our officers are involved with. 

3. Experienced Officers Openly Share Their Expertise

While the fundamentals and tactics taught in our classes are integral to our success, our officers remain among the best in the field because of our cohesive team environment. Many of our officers have decades of experience, and our supportive officers assist each other with real-life advice and guidance. Our security officers grow together at Sheepdog, and when there are gaps in any of our team members’ capabilities, we build each other up and teach each other how to improve. 

4. Our Officers Receive the Best Equipment

We provide our team with every tactical, safety, and protective item they need to maintain the highest standards of safety and security at all times. From our patrol vehicles to our cutting-edge tactical equipment, our officers are primed for success with the best tools in the business. 

5. Diverse Field Experience

The best teacher is experienced, and our officers encounter a variety of security situations in active duty. From unarmed entryway positions to high-risk patrol requiring armed vigilance, our officers are exposed to limitless opportunities to grow and refine their diverse skills through real-life experience.