Ever consider a rewarding career in security where you can enjoy working with others, are committed to personal growth, and can appreciate a broader diversity of opportunities? The emerging security sector impacts all realms of society, and with that expansive outreach comes a limitless variety of opportunities to apply your adaptable skills and progress towards your long-term career goals. 

Before signing up for the first position that catches your eye, here are 3 things to consider while searching for a security position that checks all of the boxes. 

1. Diversity of Positions

If you are a high-energy individual that’s looking for excitement and action, there are a wealth of active patrol positions that may be the perfect outlet for your outgoing personality or advanced security skills. In a security position that entails more activity and responsibility, you may be asked to monitor VIP clients, events, or festivals with large crowds, or maintain active vigilance at high-profile business placements. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there are a variety of positions that don’t require the same level of intensity. You can find security positions like night patrol, camera monitoring, and other posts that focus on engagement and entry security, rather than active positions like nightclub duty or VIP client protection. 

2. Meet New People Every Day

Most security guard jobs in Lancaster, PA are security positions for people-persons. If building and maintaining relationships with others sounds like a job perk to you, then you’ll feel right at home as a security officer. Friendly interactions are not only essential to the job title but being able to gauge individuals’ intentions and proactively determine potential threats is a highly valuable attribute to possess in this line of work. 

3. Ease of Entry

Unlike other career paths that require years of study, becoming a security guard is less of a hurdle. Entry-level security positions often only require a basic certification course and emergency medical training, and higher-level positions are easily achievable if you are willing to complete weapons training, tactical training, and other relevant security coursework. Of course, the requirements will vary by state and the company you’re interested in, so be sure to research your state’s regulations and requirements before applying. 

Consider A Security Job Today!

With security jobs, you can access a consistent schedule or explore opportunities that allow for maximum flexibility. You can find full-time, part-time, or temporary positions that offer a better lifestyle balance while learning valuable skills, helping others, and growing as a person every day at work. For more information about joining our team, contact Sheepdog Protective Services today!