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We Offer Security Guard Training in Philadelphia

Prepare for a rewarding career in security and develop a professional foundation with the best security guard training in Philadelphia. Our experienced security experts prepare our trainees for a lifetime of success by focusing on proven and innovative security strategies; whether you’re new to the industry, or would like to further develop your security capabilities, our in-depth training will prepare you to minimize threats and hone your skills with proficiency. 

Our security guard training develops fundamental skills for both unarmed and armed security opportunities. As a well-established security firm in Philadelphia, PA, our professional officers have years of experience with hands-on threat deterrence, and openly share their wealth of insight with every trainee that hopes to develop an effective and versatile security foundation. 

Our balanced approach to security guard training involves multi-tiered education that results in security professionals prepared to manage encounters with level-headed precision. You will learn valuable psychological techniques to deter aggression, master the latest hands-on techniques to overcome threats with ease, and have access to life-saving courses like CPR & other relevant skills that will prepare you for a variety of professions within the security sector. 

Invest in Your Career With Sheepdog Protective Services

Hoping to begin a new security job, already have security job training, or plan to advance into a more flexible security career in Philly? We are actively searching for motivated security professionals that have a dedication to quality protection and commitment to serving others with advanced security skills and respect.

We Provide Security Services To The Following Industries:

  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Events
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Residential

Our team is composed of industry veterans, and when you apply for security jobs in Philadelphia, PA, you will be working side by side with our knowledgeable professionals that are driven to see you succeed. More than just another security employment opportunity, we provide our team members with access to the best gear, the latest training, and offer a variety of flexible security jobs for practical experience across a range of security settings. 

As the leading security firm in the Philadelphia area, our flexible security guard services mean that you’ll have unlimited growth potential with our security officer jobs. If you have specific training related to a specific sector of security, or have previously worked in a security officer job, we have many unique positions to accommodate your skill set and bring out the best in your abilities. 

Apply for an Armed or Unarmed Security Guard Job in Philadelphia

Before applying for our security guard jobs, browse our security guard services in Philadelphia to get a sense of our security philosophy and compare in-the-field settings you can expect with a security guard job at Sheepdog Protective Services. In our unarmed security job positions, you can expect to assist guests and attendees with courtesy, provide vigilant patrol and monitoring activities, and utilize effective de-escalation strategies to proactively protect our clients. 

If you have relevant weapons training, feel free to apply for our armed security jobs in Philly. With our armed security guard jobs, you can expect to protect and monitor high-level events, corporate personnel, or VIP clientele that expect a professional level of service. Our armed security jobs require mastery of essential weapons training, a commitment to non-violent threat deterrence whenever possible, and entail a higher level of responsibility while employed as an armed security officer.

Learn More About the Best Security Employment Opportunities in Philadelphia

As an equal opportunity employer, our security jobs are available to anyone that has a willingness to succeed in a rewarding security officer job. Even if you have no prior experience, opportunities like unarmed security guard jobs are a great way to master fundamental security skills and pave the way to our more advanced security positions. 

With several security jobs available across Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, our security officer jobs result in a flexible work life balance, while preparing you with the skills and experience necessary to support your long-term career goals. 

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