To pull off a successful event, consideration for a variety of moving parts and planning ahead for every eventuality is key. When organized the right way, artists and speakers can perform without interruption. Vendors and staff have the support they need to operate safely and successfully. Ultimately, everyone has more fun, vendor sales increase, and artists and speakers will look forward to the next event you host. So, how can you achieve that optimal event environment? 

Outsource Essential Event Tasks to a Security Agency

From properly-secured entry points to onsite patrol service that prevents event disturbances, we are a multi-faceted security agency capable of coordinating our efforts with your every event need. Our advanced security services begin with an organized strategy to identify and reduce your specific risks, while we actively protect your budget by offering a higher level of protection even if you only hire a few officers. 

If you have larger-scale security needs, like comprehensive coverage across the entirety of your open-air venue, we have an entire squad of vigilant professionals prepared to protect and maintain the peace. However our experienced officers can be of service, here are a few of our popular security options to consider for verified security from the entryway to the backstage. 

The Best Entryway Protection 

As skilled with friendly guest interaction as we are with proactive threat prevention, our unarmed security guards in York County, PA simplifies front-line defense. We ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to the venue, and can provide direct assistance with adjacent services like temperature checks or bag inspections. We are experts at identifying suspicious activity, and our prominent presence is one of the easiest ways to deter potential criminal behavior without having to lift a finger. 

In addition to improving the overall safety at the entry, we advocate for your event’s professionalism with an unwavering dedication to courtesy, kindness, and respect while interacting with your guests, performers, and staff members.  

Professional Crowd Management

Before an event spirals out of control because of a few bad apples in the crowd, our mobile security experts utilize nonviolent de-escalation techniques to keep rowdy behavior at a minimum. Our calm, capable, and responsive officers engage with individuals before they have a chance to disrupt the event for others. Our onsite team can even be utilized to bolster stage protection, monitor valuable vendor spaces, or provide an additional level of security near VIP and artist lounge areas. 

Improve Event Oversight

Equally as valuable as our direct protection services, our team actively communicates with your leadership and event personnel at all times. For example, if your event director would like us to inform them of capacity levels or notify them when VIP clientele arrive, our adaptable services provide interactive support for all of your essential event tasks. 

To learn more about the best event security in Harrisburg, contact SheepDog Protective Services today.