Surprisingly, warehouses and production facilities are among the most at-risk business sectors impacted by sophisticated criminal behavior each year. With staggering unemployment figures and other societal factors provoking the emergence of warehouse crimes, you’re in the right place if you need to protect your facility. 

We have years of hands-on experience providing proactive crime deterrence and employ multi-faceted defense strategies to establish an umbrella of protection for our clients. While every security strategy we employ is unique to the businesses we serve, our security goal is always the same; to protect our client’s property and personnel with time-tested security measures that make criminals think twice before setting foot on the property. 

With our strategic defenses in place, you can expect to experience a number of impactful business benefits. Trusted by new and expanding businesses alike, our experts offer individually organized plans for warehouse security near York, PA that addresses both current and future security considerations.

Improved Staff & Customer Satisfaction

From the entryway to the bay doors, our onsite security personnel provides a visible barrier of defense. Staff and customers can go about their business uninterrupted (improving productivity and sales), and anyone with nefarious intentions is less likely to make an effort. Available around the clock and capable of providing protection for any sized facility, we can staff your warehouse with professionals at every door, in the camera room, and even patrol the exteriors with our state-of-the-art vehicle protection services. 

Direct Cost Savings

With comprehensive inventory and equipment protection, we secure the foundation of your business model. Especially imperative if you store high-value goods like electronics, expensive production equipment, and other desirable commodities, it’s hard to put a price on adequate theft prevention. 

Appropriate for basic or complex protection needs, our robust plans can involve 24/7 monitoring, physical patrol services, and entryway protection services that adapt to every threat your business faces. However we can better protect your warehouse with professional vigilance, every service begins with customized planning and time-tested recommendations that support the fundamentals of your operations. 

Prevent Property Damage & Improve Access Control

A common gap in security we address is exterior security. Many of the facilities we protect have adequate interior camera monitoring and alarm systems, but fail to properly defend their exteriors. We prevent serious risks like vandalism, building damage, and parking lot misuse with our versatile security experts on the job. 

Along with the direct threat prevention we provide, you can also take advantage of our security professionals for niche security services that extend beyond the basics of protection. For example, if you would like to secure your parking lot and only admit credentialed staff members onto the property, we provide turn-key assistance with driveway access, gate security, and parking lot surveillance to ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry. 

However, we can help you establish a better security framework, get in touch with our experts for a free security consultation today.