In our rapidly changing and stress-filled modern world, unpredictable, and unfriendly, situations become an unfortunate part of reality. Whether you’re a business owner, event manager, or responsible for the wellbeing of others, every industry can benefit from a more thoughtful approach to security. If you’re looking for a better way to improve safety and security, here are a few of the ways we proactively deter threats and promote peace of mind for our clients. 

Our Adaptable Umbrella of Protection

While it’s impossible to plan for every scenario, with effective planning, focused effort, and proven security solutions, preventing the majority of security threats is a realistic objective. As a detail-oriented security guard company in PA, our goal is simple; protect our clients with unwavering vigilance, security strategies, and personalized plans to address every client’s specific needs.  

The Advanced Security Solutions Available at Sheepdog

We bring years of in-the-field experience to every service and fine-tune our defense strategies to minimize potential risks. Whether you’re in search of prominent front entrance protection, or you require discreet and respectful security professionals to blend in with the crowd, we specialize in adaptability and respect for our client’s goals. 

When the safety of your people and property is the top priority, we offer flexible security solutions like: 

  • Individual Security Detail: VIP clientele, executives, and celebrities trust in our personable and mobile security detail to maintain safety around the clock. Our highly-trained security professionals actively monitor for suspicious activity, maintain their composure in stressful situations, and are always willing to accommodate client requests at a moment’s notice. 
  • Comprehensive Event Protection: From small business meetings to expansive music festivals, our well-equipped security team can handle it all. Protect speakers and performers on the stage, maintain peace among the crowd, and ensure that only permitted individuals gain access. 
  • Exterior Patrol Service: If you’ve noticed a spike in neighborhood crime, or you’d like us to patrol the perimeter of your company, university, or business parking area, we have a fleet of mobile professionals ready to deter threats and strengthen the front line of your defenses. 

Access Armed & Unarmed Security for Any Situation

With any of our all-inclusive security services, we provide both armed and unarmed security detail. If your business or event could benefit from a friendly officer in the welcoming area, our unarmed officers provide courteous service and exceptional protection. Our unarmed officers can monitor camera systems, provide foot patrol within the building, and actively secure valuable property or sensitive access points. 

For higher-risk venues such as nightclubs or positions involving VIP clientele, our armed security in PA provides an additional level of reassurance for our clients. Our security professionals prioritize non-violent de-escalation and safe weapons protocols at all times, but if a life-threatening situation arises, our experienced officers are well-prepared to suppress the threat with tactical urgency.