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We Offer Both Armed & Unarmed Security Protection

In today’s unpredictable world, vigilant security has become an integral aspect of successful organizations, crowded events, and clients in need of lasting peace of mind. Our seasoned security team in Philadelphia aims to provide that peace of mind; our professionals undergo advanced training, have years of in-the-field experience, and coordinate tailored security plans to proactively prevent threats with dedicated service.     

Our security guards don’t sit around and wait for a threat to present itself. Our top security professionals actively monitor suspicious activity, utilize proven de-escalation strategies to minimize disruptive behavior, and prioritize courtesy and respect for others while protecting you, your guests, and your property. 

We Offer:

  • Armed & Unarmed Services
  • Event Security
  • Patrol Vehicle Services
  • Warehouse Security
  • & More…
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Our Armed Security Guards Have the Top Training

Our armed security services are built on a foundation of excellence in training and backed by the latest advances in personal protection. Whether you need high-level corporate protection at your business or require mobile vigilance while traveling to high-risk venues or events, our armed security experts establish a multi-tiered security strategy that guarantees a comprehensive level of safety at all times.  

Our security guards in Philly regularly attend the latest weapons and psychological de-escalation training. We strive to prevent threats from occurring in the first place, and with our confident and vigilant presence on-site, you can expect disruptive individuals or criminals to think twice before causing a problem. 

By preparing our guards in Philadelphia with the best equipment, relevant training, and constantly fine-tuning our innovative security strategies, our team has developed a reputation for consistency with every all-inclusive security service we provide. We treat our client’s protection needs as if they were our own, and if we can improve upon your security measures in any way possible, we will outline a more effective strategy that accounts for every potential threat with solution-oriented effectiveness.

Our Unarmed Security Guards Represent You With Professionalism

Equally as important as finding a security company that can protect your safety and property, it’s essential that you partner with a security company in Philadelphia that will represent your companies, events, or clients with integrity and courtesy. Our security guards understand the importance of representing your business or venue with professionalism and will treat your guests and attendees with helpful attitudes and friendly demeanors at all times. 

You can take advantage of our unarmed security guards to secure anything imaginable. Our unarmed security guards in Philly have extensive experience providing event security, company and warehouse protection, and even offer flexible services like camera monitoring and patrol vehicle services to safeguard valuable property, warehouses, and anything else that requires professional monitoring around the clock. 

By partnering with our top security firm in the Philadelphia area, you can always expect: 

  • Budget-friendly Service Protects You & Your Budget
  • Wide-Range of Service Locations; Wherever You Need Protection, We Will be There
  • Our Security Guards Maintain Clear Communication With Clients at All Times
  • We Work For You; If You Need Our Security Guards to Adjust the Service for Your Safety, Ensuring Your Peace of Mind is Our #1 Goal

Top Patrol Vehicle Services in Philadelphia

Beyond providing the best event and company security in the Philadelphia area, our adaptable security professionals take expansive protection to the next level with our mobile security service. Our mobile team is the perfect solution for large property protection, bolstered neighborhood security, or versatile travel security for an unparalleled level of safety wherever you go. 

Across Philadelphia, PA, we aim to combat the growing trends of violence and criminal behavior with our tailored protection services. Unlike other patrol services that only monitor the area on occasion, our team actively engages with community associations, property developers, and local police teams to maintain detailed oversight of the areas we are charged with protecting. 

While providing mobile security patrol in Philadelphia, we also provide our clients with simplified access to our security team. Through our user-friendly security app and with our Sheepdog Emergency Response Team ready to go at a moment’s notice, our professionals in Philly address active threats with urgency and quality protection you can count on day or night. 

Learn More About Security Opportunities in Philadelphia, PA

Searching for rewarding security jobs in Philadelphia? If you have a passion for protecting others and would like to grow with the best team in the area, contact our security professionals to learn more about our lucrative positions and the advanced security training opportunities available. 

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