The qualified security experts at Sheepdog Protective Services combine years of in-the-field experience with the latest security knowledge to establish leaders in the security sector. Above and beyond your average security training, our advanced coursework prepares security professionals to succeed in diverse environments, qualify for more positions, and serve with life-saving techniques that make the difference between a good and great security professional. 

With courses led by the best in the business, our security guard companies in Harrisburg, PA offer more ways to excel in the industry. The security sector has changed a lot over the years, and we’ve stayed a step ahead of the curve with impactful strategies that prime our students to rise within the ranks. We have successfully trained officers that went to on achieving great things in armed security, school protection, vehicle patrol positions, and a variety of VIP-level security careers. 

If you would like to enhance your skills, become a stand-out candidate, and learn how to protect and serve with more confidence, here are a few of the valuable opportunities we offer at Sheepdog Protective Services. 

Fundamental Health, Defense, & Deescalation Techniques

Before learning combat tactics and armed intervention, we recommend that all new security personnel begin with the basics. To establish a solid security foundation, we provide tactical self-defense courses, hands-on handcuffing training, and even offer certified CPR training courses. 

Not only are these invaluable skillsets essential in providing reliable security service (and required by certain employers), but mastering the fundamentals demonstrates to future clients and employers that you are committed to maintaining well-rounded security capabilities.

Advanced Tactics Training Opportunities

Perhaps you’ve already mastered the basics, and are looking to stand out with the latest skills to advance within your chosen field. We train security professionals at every level of experience and offer a variety of professional courses to establish a qualified security reputation, such as: 

  • PPBT®: Personal Protection Baton Tactics
  • OCAT®: Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training
  • PennDOT Flagger Training Course
  • & More

During our certified training sessions, you learn more than just the basics of these effective and practical techniques. You’ll learn about the appropriate use of force to prevent legal issues, minimize threats with the power of your voice, and gain an edge in the industry with real-life examples and experienced insight fueling every practical course we provide. 

Career Opportunities for New & Experienced Security Personnel

Along with our immersive security coursework, there’s no better teacher than in-the-field experience. If you’re searching for security guard jobs near York, PA, we provide our new hires with an array of diverse career opportunities to establish a solid foundation in the field. We’re currently seeking armed security professionals and unarmed event security guards, and bring out the best in our professional team with hands-on guidance, better equipment, and personalized training to produce the finest security professionals in the area. 

Interested in a new career in security or want to prepare your team with the latest security techniques? Contact our professionals for free information and guidance today.