Every event that’s hosting large crowds, valuable vendors, and VIP clientele can benefit from quality event security. Of course, the type of security you need varies significantly, and every event involves unique risk factors that require a carefully organized strategy. Fine-tuning safer security plans are our specialty, and we take every dangerous possibility into consideration while creating a plan that’s as unique as your security risks are. 

To maximize safety and security for our clients, every service begins with a comprehensive physical security assessment in Central, PA to identify and prevent the most likely risk factors. We plan for the well-being of attendees, valuable property, and every other important element that goes into a safe and successful event. 

School Functions & Sporting Events

Among our most popular protection services, ensuring the safety of our youth has become a top priority for school faculty, parents, and students alike. Serious safety risks are a real concern, and we’re dedicated to solving these issues with better protection. Our professionals have years of school security experience and provide everything from outdoor event protection to around-the-clock entryway security for schools in dangerous locations. 

Business Events & Expos

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to establishing multi-tiered protection measures. Our advanced security protocols coordinate with your specific event goals. We simplify complex safety considerations with organized, step-by-step defense strategies. 

For example, if you are organizing an important conference hosting VIP executives from around the country, our comprehensive security packages can support your business function with a combination of services. We can provide camera monitoring, and entryway badge verification, and actively monitor all guests in attendance. We also provide onsite foot patrol for venue-wide coverage, manage entryway ticket verification, and can even protect high-value clientele with personal security detail for the duration of the event. 

Festivals & Community Events

We also have extensive experience providing patrol vehicle services in Lancaster, PA for expansive events that involve public access (like street art shows) and other types of festivals involving larger crowds. Our professionals are dedicated to preserving the peace while on patrol, and actively communicate with your event leadership team and staff members if relevant security concerns arise. We have a large staff of professional guards on standby and are ready to provide an unparalleled level of security for events of any size. 

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As a seasoned security team focused on friendly and non-violent de-escalation strategies, our security professionals are the perfect option when guaranteed safety and respect for your attendees are expected. Contact our experienced security team today, and we’ll walk you through our proven protection strategies in detail.